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Rolling Along
The world outside

Friday, July 26, 2002  

It seemed like everything was going along perfectly. The wedding was essentially seamless. Now for the honeymoon...

Sunday night we headed to the Reno Airport to fly to San Jose. The next day we were going to fly from San Jose to Amsterdam. At the airport, Caille started to get itchy. At first she just thought it was chafing from her wedding dress. Then the itching spread, and hives began to spread over her body. It looked like a full-blown case of food allergies. We decided that flying was not in the picture that night, so we changed our flight to the next morning. Luckily, not only had we split our travel between days and were able to wait overnight for the hives to recede, but we were also able to still catch our non-refundable, non-transferrable flight to Amsterdam the next day.

By the next day, the hives were gone and we flew to San Jose. We only had 1.5 hours between flights and we thought that might be cutting it close to check in on an international flight. We ended up getting to the check-on counter early enough to stand in line for an hour behind people who not only didn't speak English but also appeared to lack valid passports. But we still got on to the plane with time to spare. Switching planes in Houston was as easy as walking off of one plane and right onto the other. The flight from Houston to Amsterdam was on a Boeing 767, which meant we had small video screens built into the seatback in front of us, and we had the choice of several movies, tv shows (Absolutely Fabulous, uncensored!), radio programs, and games. Plenty of entertainment, and we were even able to sleep for a good portion of the flight.
Arriving at Schipol Airport the next morning we got some Euros (gotta love ATMs), bought two train tickets and took the train the Amsterdam. We passed some incredible grafitti (why do Euro B-boys do American-style grafitti so well? I guess they can't rap, so they stick to spray paint and breakdancing). In 15 minutes we were in Amsterdam's central station. Dodging trams ands bicycles, we headed down the Damstraat to our hotel.

That's all for now - If you are sharp eyed you'll notice that these updates are coming a bit late. I'll finish up Amsterdam's stories tomorrow. More news to come!

posted by Marc Pfister | 3:21 PM

Sunday, July 21, 2002  

Hey, we're married!

The wedding was a big success. Thanks to all that came. I hope you had a good time.

If memory serves me right, we had guests coming in from Washington, Oregon, Conneticut, Florida, Spain, and Holland.

Everything went smoothly without any problems. You'd think that Murphy's law would kick in and foul something up but every detail worked out perfectly. The food, catered by Rutherfords, was not only really good but was just as good as the samples they let us try several months ago. Gotta love consistency.

Sorry the cheese went so quickly. We expected the stinky blue cheese to be approached cautiously, but it turned out to be a favorite and was reduced to blue rubble in minutes. If you'd like to get your hands on some of those cheeses, let me know and I'll put you in touch with my friends at Smith and Williams Importers. They sell fine cured meats and cheeses and can ship to you. They don't have a web site up yet but as soon as they're ready I'll link to it here. (Thanks, Josh.)

Digital cameras are unloading as we speak around the globe and I'll try to get some pix and links up here soon.

Tomorrow we are flying to Holland for our honeymoon. So far all we know is that we are going to spend our first three days in Amsterdam exploring the city. After that we are going to pick up an ancient tandem bicycle from my great-aunt and then we are going to explore Holland on. I assume that we will have to visit Edam and Gouda, but as for points in between its hard to say. We'll figure it out as we go along.

See you in Holland!

posted by Marc Pfister | 10:00 PM