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Rolling Along

Saturday, June 29, 2002
OK, looks like this works.

This would be news now being served via I'm too lazy to mess with html unless I have to.

Anyway, the latest news:

We're getting married July 20th in Washoe Valley, Nevada. Afterwards we're going to Holland for a honeymoon. My great-aunt has been saving an ancient tandem for me and we're going to slowly pedal our way around Holland. Depending on how fast this beast of a tandem goes, we hope to make it to Edam and Gouda so we can sample some cheese straight from the source. I plan to post news of the trip here from internet cafes.

The canoe project is mostly finished. The boat doesn't sink. It was a bit more manueverable that expected (it's flat bottomed) so I added some skegs to the ends to give it more straight line stability. Lily the wonder dog even sits still in it, so the project looks like a success. I'll throw some pictures up in here soon.

In the bicycle world, I raced the Chris King spring race series up in Shasta Lake. with the exception of the first mudfest, I rode my singlespeed and managed to place high enough to make most of my entry fees back. You can see the race recaps at:

That's me in the red and white jersey, plate number 132.

Also look at for a big picture.

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